After the SolarWinds Hack, we have no Idea what Cyber Dangers we Face

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A slipcover can turn the piece’s look around, but it can’t make it comfortable. New or old wood furniture is constructed of either a hardwood like maple or oak or a soft wood like pine Paweł Hałdrzyński takes a little-known legacy feature of the .NET framework and shows how it can be used to add arbitrary content to URL paths on arbitrary endpoints, causing us some mild panic when we realised even our own website supported it. External Scanning is like the outer walls and barbed-wire fences – keeping intruders away by blocking them from ever getting in.

Block-mode XSS filtering was a major source of XS-Leak vectors, and this combined with even worse issues with filter-mode to persuade Edge and later Chrome to both discard their filters in a victory for web security and a disaster for web security researchers alike. She also dressed and behaved just like a hacker of this archetype would This critical but easily-overlooked vulnerability almost certainly affects other websites, and serves us a reminder that even if you’re an expert, there’s still a place for simply fuzzing and keeping an eye out for anything unexpected.