Flooring Installation: 6 Questions You Need To Ask

Switching over to a new flooring is considered to be one of the most time consuming decisions a homeowner makes. It can be more difficult if you are unsure about what type of flooring to select and whether it will be the right choice for you. To ease the decision making process, here’s a list of six questions that you need to ask your flooring company. The answers to these questions will help you narrow down on the right type of flooring for your home.

Do I need a completely new flooring?

Many a time, your existing flooring Roulette can be repaired to make it look as good as new. For example, if you have an old hardwood floor, then all it may need is some refinishing. A significant expense can be avoided. However, other types of flooring like carpets or vinyl may be beyond repair after a few years. And they are best replaced rather than trying to patch up.

What type of flooring will be right for my home?

A flooring company will advise you about the best type of flooring material for different parts of your home. If the room receives a lot of traffic, then you must select a flooring material that can withstand the onslaught. If you have pets and kids, then look for options that are resistant to scratches and stains. Similarly, if you plan to replace the flooring in the basement, then you need to select a flooring material that remains impervious to moisture. The best part is that you can always mix and match the flooring material.

Will the new flooring co-ordinate with the existing flooring?

If you do not have the budget to replace the flooring in the entire house, then you may have to choose a flooring material that suits the existing one in the house. You can always mix and match to create interesting transition spaces.

Can I install an underfloor heating system with the flooring?

This question only applies if you have plans to switch over to an UFH system which is now considered to be a ‘must-have’ by homeowners. Not all flooring materials work well with underfloor heating. Tiles and engineered wood work best.

How much time will I need to spend on the upkeep?

It is very important to be aware of the cleaning and maintenance procedures for all types of flooring. Some types of flooring demands more frequent cleaning than others. Others may require timely refinishing and steaming.

Can I install the flooring myself?

DIY flooring installation may seem exciting and can help you save a lot of money spent on labor. But it demands skilled hands and expertise to repair the subfloor if it is damaged, remove and safely discard the existing flooring and most importantly, install the new flooring correctly. Are you up to the task? If you are unsure, then hire professional installers to help you. These are some of the questions that will help you decide on whether you need to replace your existing flooring and also help you narrow down on a material that works best for your home.