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Which is probably why the writers of Battestar Galactica thought they could spice things up a bit by making modern humans out to be the product of some alien/organic robot sexy times. While Darwin’s theory about humans slowly evolving from single-celled organisms over the course of millions of years seems pretty scientifically sound, it sometimes just isn’t mind-bending enough for science fiction. Unlike the spacefaring vessels that typically make interstellar voyages in many popular sci-fi tales, the alien-tech contraption used to transport Dr.

But in terms of making this technology/magic a reality, science still has a lot of work to do. Ealeanor Arroway to another world in Contact is mostly stationary. For generations science fiction writers have helped to shape the future with their imaginations. A lush moon world where the flora and fauna have evolved tentacle-like organs that enable them to form neural connections with the other living things on the planet Though the old school Battlestar only dropped vague hints concerning any connections between the 12 Colonies and Earth, contemporary BSG states outright that Earth humans are actually descended from a combination of Kobol and organic Cylon lineage.

Nevertheless, not every futuristic gadget or concept dreamt up by sci-fi writers is destined to be actualized. It looks that malleability hack is a myth, because I don’t see how it might work. However, the most credible theory is that the system Bitfinex setup was broken such that BitGo would do whatever Bitfinex said to do with a user’s funds. Little did he know that he just opened up Pandora’s Box. “Importantly, our payment system was compromised and the contents of the NiceHash Bitcoin wallet have been stolen.

It’s really not a ton of work to throw a site on Github pages to keep it up. Further weight is given to that theory when you keep in mind that BitGo has publicly declared that their servers weren’t the one that were compromised.