Dieting And Sexual Health

Walk down any street anywhere in our country and you can’t help but notice how few thin people there are. It’s like a lunar month passing over a hundred year cycle. If you go back to 1911, access to plentiful food was limited to the middle and upper income groups. More importantly, only a few overindulged. The new generation grew taller and stronger, but they stayed lean. So, when you walked down any street, anyone overweight stood out. If anything, this trend was reinforced by the 1930’s, the lost decade of the Great Depression. Poverty and starvation left deep scars. It actually took World War II to get us fit and healthy again. We needed stronger people for the war effort and so food supply was improved. As evidence of sexual health, you only have to look at the Boomers. A whole generation of fitter, stronger and more active people were born in the years after the war. That was part of the same enthusiasm that really made America great.

Unfortunately, it’s been all downhill from then on. Fast food spread into all our cities and towns as we earned the disposable income to pack away ever larger portions of it. The results are now plain to see. We’re the most overweight country in the world. Now make no mistake, the rest of the world are catching us up, but that’s nothing to be proud of. It’s not like we should be in a race to see who can be the heaviest nation in the world. As a result, we’re also leading the world in the number of people dying of heart attacks. We have more strokes, there are more diabetics, and food-related cancers of the colon and 레비트라구매사이트 prostate are reaching epidemic proportions. For the record, there’s recent confirmatory research published in Nature that restricting calorie intake reduces the size of tumors.

조 로든이 처음으로 선발출전... 아니 2번째로 레비트라 복용법 선발출전하는 epl경기아님?? > 레비트라 복용법 | 비아그라 부작용 치료 시알리스 퀵배송 레비트라 25mg ...So here comes the message part of the article. Everywhere you look, you see talking heads and articles encouraging you to eat a healthy diet. You probably know the advice without having to think about it. Eat more fruit and vegetables, avoid high-fat diary products and pick the lean meats and fish. We can add in whole grains and make noises about regular exercise to complete the picture. Hung on the end of all this well-meaning advice is the fact it reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancers. And we all nod wisely and, with a smile, tell ourselves we’ll start the diet tomorrow. So here’s the kicker. If you won’t diet to avoid a heart attack, will you cut down the calories to avoid erectile dysfunction?

The most common medical cause of erectile dysfunction is artherosclerosis. That’s a hardening of the arteries due to the high concentration of cholesterol in your blood. By coincidence, this is also one of the main causes of heart disease. Many doctors now treat erectile dysfunction as an early symptom of heart disease. So, if you diet, you are solving two problems at the same time. Of course, you could just buy Levitra online. It’s the most powerful of the three drugs and, when the others stop working because the arteries are slowly blocking up, Levitra keeps working until the blockage is about 70% – not far short of the heart attack percentage.

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